In an interview with MTV News, James Cameron talked about what's next in the Avatar universe. Avatar hits theaters August 27th exclusively on 3D screens with nine minutes of new, Pandora-set footage. The new footage will include several new or extended scenes Cameron cut to keep the running time down to 162 minutes and introduce audiences to a new Pandoran creature, Sturmbeest, the object of a Na'vi hunt.

Cameron is working on adapting his "scriptment" for Avatar into a novel. He didn't want to pass off the responsibility for the adaptation to a "hack," but instead wants to handle it himself, something he wanted to do during post-production on Avatar, but couldn't due to time constraints.

As for Avatar 2 and 3, Cameron won't begin working on the screenplays until the deals with 20th Century Fox are locked in. Camerone did say, however, that he's seriously considering filming Avatar 2 and 3 back-to-back for cost and logistical reasons.

[Listen to the brief interview after the break, as well as additional information.]
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