Nicholas Sparks' newest novel, Safe Haven, hasn't been published yet -- but plans are already in motion to craft a big screen adaptation. A bidding war broke out over the book -- which was shopped around on Monday afternoon -- and after everything was said and done, Relativity emerged victorious.

Some big name studios were involved in the battle, including Warner Bros., Disney, Sony, and Fox -- and many thought Warners would come out on top considering they've already moved forward with plans to adapt another of Sparks' novels, The Lucky One, which is set to begin filming this fall.

The latest romance from Sparks centers on "a young North Carolina woman determined to avoid forming personal ties until a series of events draws her into two reluctant relationships. As she begins to fall in love, she struggles with a dark secret that still haunts and terrifies her."

Relativity, who recently acquired the marketing and distribution branches of Overture Films, will distribute the title themselves. They'll also take part in the novel launch this September by teaming up with Grand Central Publishing and featuring the book on their Rogue Network social site.

To date, films based on Sparks' writing have made over $550 million dollars worldwide. It seems a safe bet that Safe Haven will add to that total. The question is, are you even remotely interested in another romantic drama based on the author's work?