I don't think it has an official textbook name, but if I were to give it one, it would be the Lord of the Rings method. Or, on a bad day, it could be called the Twilight method. Either way, what we're talking about is yearly entries in a film series, ramping up production (and even filming) before the previous film has even hit theaters. It looks like that may be Warner Bros.' plan for Green Lantern: a trilogy of films for summers 2011, 2012 and 2013.

If there was any doubt to the studio's intentions, they've just hired a writer for Green Lantern 2 although the first one has literally just wrapped production. Michael Goldenburg, who also wrote Peter Pan and adapted Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, also had a hand in the script for the first film, so Warner Bros. must be pleased with what they're seeing.
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