Of all the superhero films on the horizon, The Green Lantern might be the one in which I have the most confidence. Sure, we didn't get to see all that much during the film's unveiling at Comic-Con, but the smattering of footage was promising, and in the hands of Martin Campbell -- who with Goldeneyeand Casino Royale proved that he is one of the very few filmmakers capable of infusing a huge action franchise with genuine pathos, verve, and coherence -- it seems as if the folks at D.C. have done all they can to provide one of their most beloved heroes with a smooth and strong transition into movies.

Now that production on the film has wrapped, Varietyis reporting that screenwriter Michael Goldenberg will return to pen the inevitable Green Lantern 2, and so it seems as if every entry in this series might earn my faith. Goldenberg may not work often but he does work well -- pertinent credits obviously include his work on the first Green Lantern film, but also Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which for my money is the most spry, direct, and emotionally resonant film in the series. If that's not enough, the man is also one of two credited screenwriters behind Contact, which remains one of the most oddly and unexpectedly quotable movies of the 1990s (that bit where Jodie Foster sees Alien Pensacola and says "They should have sent a poet" may or may not have forever altered my vernacular*).

One can only hope that Warner Bros.' decision to re-sign Goldenberg is indicative of their happiness with the Green Lantern's first cinematic outing, and so long as Campbell isn't going to be recruited to (again) resurrect the Bond franchise, I hope this announcement is paving the way for his return, as well.

The Green Lantern
will hit theaters in 2D and 3D on June 17, 2011.

*It totally did.
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