The Other GuysLast night, I took my parents to see 'The Other Guys,' the new buddy cop comedy starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. It was funny and harmless, and as we left the theater, we all agreed that it was well worth the 50-plus dollars it cost to see it. (We also "splurged" on a medium popcorn and two sodas.)

Still, though they had heard me laughing throughout the movie, my parents were surprised that I actually liked it, not because I tend to avoid Will Ferrell movies at all cost (blame 'Bewitched'), but because I had already seen the damn movie -- the day before.

I'll admit I was surprised by how willingly I had agreed to see 'The Other Guys' again. It was as if I hadn't even seen it in the first place. Granted, I knew I could never convince my parents to see what I really wanted to see ('Charlie St. Cloud' or, even better, 'Step Up 3-D'), but while funny, there wasn't anything particularly funny or shocking about 'The Other Guys' that warranted another viewing within the span of 24 hours. (In other words: It was no 'Inception.')