If you haven't been paying attention, Meir Zarchi's exploitation classic I Spit on Your Graveis getting the remake treatment. Anchor Bay is producing a new updated version of the rape-revenge flick (directed by Steven R. Monroe) and it's due for release on October 8th.

The film isn't even out yet, but it's already inspired controversy at nearly every turn. First it was the film's poster -- which some feel sexualizes rape in a distasteful way. Now comes a new trailer, which doesn't feature much of the rape element at all, but still makes the film look like an unpleasant torture porn title.

In the new clip, most of the running time is devoted to either setting up the premise (a writer played by Sarah Butler heads to a remote cabin and is brutally raped by a gang of local men) or the revenge that follows. Unlike Zarchi's original film, where the revenge was presented in a somewhat campy fashion, this new version looks way more hardcore. Don't believe me? Hit the jump and see for yourself.

Anchor Bay is trumpeting that this will be an unrated film, so expect more controversy once audiences get their first real look at the finished product in early October.
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