I've been feverishly anticipating I Saw The Devil from The Good, The Bad, The Weird director Ji-woon Kim, for some time now. Not only is Kim my favorite Korean filmmaker, but the trailer (embedded below) for his latest, which is about one man's attempt to take down the serial killer who murdered his girlfriend, looks phenomenal all its own. Apparently it also has a phenomenal amount of violence in it because the Korea Media Board's has slapped the film with their equivalent of an NC-17 rating.

Kim and his producers could leave the film in its uncut state, but that would mean it can only be shown in "adult theaters". Were this the US, that may not be a slap of death, but South Korea actually doesn't have any "adult theaters", so Kim has no option but to recut the film before its release on August 11th.

So what will be lost exactly?
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