Roger Corman has spent over five decades making movies -- and during that span, he's earned the title The King of the B's. During the course of his career, Corman has done the seemingly impossible: made movies that make money while promoting the art of filmmaking at the same time. The producer's ability to find new talent and give them their first big break is the stuff of legend. Scorsese, Cameron, Ron Howard, and countless other filmmakers who went on to become Hollywood players all worked under Corman's tutelage.

Through the years, his films have lived on -- finding new audiences to delight in their camp charm and entertaining social commentary. With the release of Shout! Factory'sRoger Corman's Cult Classics Collection, many of his best films are appearing on Blu-ray, where another generation can discover them for themselves.

I recently had a chance to chat with Roger Corman, and I found him to be gracious, charming, and an absolute delight. We discussed a lot of things -- and if you ever wondered who the producer wishes he'd had a chance to work with, what he thought of Vincent Price, or who he'd bet on in a fight between Dinoshark and Sharktopus -- hit the jump and find the answers you've been seeking.