I know I'm not the only one who still harbors a deep, abiding crush on the Quantum Leap-era Scott Bakula. So I know I won't be the only one doing a fangirl squee-dance over late news that Bakula told a Comic-Con audience that a brand-spanking new Quantum Leap movie is in the works.

Via the Syfy Network's Blastr blog, Bakula sat in on a con panel titled "A Leap of Faith-A Quantum Leap Retrospective" and told some 600 attendees that, although he knows that he and co-star Dean Stockwell are a bit long in the tooth to pick up their characters where they left off, he's involved in the project with series creator Donald P. Bellisario. But will that involve screen time?

According to Bakula:
The good news is that Don is working on the film script and has a big time Hollywood producer who wants to do it ... It's about time. But what I always thought would happen, happened ... [that he's now too old for the role]. But Dean and I will have a part in it somehow.

Don did say that as he was writing, he told me he was having trouble, 'getting you and Dean out of my head.' But I know he will do it.
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