Lando CalrissianThis is one of those fake trailers that I'm a little hesitant to post due to the slightly racist nature of the source material, but this particular one is too nerdy to pass up. Imagine crossing a prequel to The Empire Strikes Back starring Lando Calrissian (actually, given the timing of the story in which Lando still owns the Millenium Falcon, it's also a prequel to A New Hope) with a 70's blaxploitation flick, and you have 'Blackstar Warrior.'

It's actually pretty well done. The atmosphere of the original two movies is fairly closely recreated, although the actors only have a passing resemblance to the originals.

They steal a couple of the lines from the original movie, but the best line of the entire trailer has got to be "Space ain't black enough to hide from him." There have certainly been enough 'Star Wars' send-ups over time, but this one should get a special award all its own for originality.
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