Anyone attending Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando later this week is guaranteed to see all kinds of cool things from George Lucas' much loved series of films. Panels, costumes, stars from the movies -- all will be part of the mega-event celebrating everything and anything Star Wars. However, one of the cooler things about Celebration V is all the neat stuff that vendors will be selling. In the market for action figures? I bet you'll find them by the caseload. Need a mint condition toy Millennium Falcon? Pretty much guaranteed to be there. That stuff's great, but I really like the idea of finding fan-made items celebrating the Star Wars universe -- things like this cool poster by Katie Cook retelling the original film's story in a series of uber cute drawings.

It might be a little too cutesie for the hardcore Star Wars fan -- it is sort of like Episode IV retold with Precious Moments figures -- but if you love Lucas' world and the idea of seeing Luke, Leia, and Han looking adorable (and without noses), then this print is just for you. My favorite part? The way Darth Vader has red eyes and his mask almost makes him look like Cthulhu -- it's like two of my biggest nerd loves in one image.

The print, which measures 36" x 9", is limited to 200 copies and will be on sale at Celebration V. You can take one home for the reasonable price of $60, and should they not all sell at the show (which seems highly unlikely ... ) you can check out Katie's website to find out where you can buy one later.

What do you think? I'm hoping there's an Empire Strikes Back version in the works -- I bet Ms. Cook draws an adorable Han in Carbonite.

[via Nerd Bastards]
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