Pairing Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in a goofball, Adam Mckay-directed comedy was sort of a stroke of genius, I have to admit. It was commercially shrewd, since each actor has some star power on his own, but generally also needs something else to push his films across the finish line. It was also non-obvious -- the last time Mark Wahlberg starred in a straight-up comedy was never, unless you count The Big Hit. And it's paid off. The Other Guys raked in $35.6 million over the weekend -- Will Ferrell's biggest opening since Talladega Nights, and Mark Wahlberg's biggest since Planet of the Apes. The movie also did a number on Steve Carrell's Dinner for Schmucks, which will have to fight to get to $60 million after a reasonably strong debut last week.

The weekend's other new wide release was the franchise dance-a-thon Step Up 3-D, and it didn't fare too well. Maybe everyone figured out that Channing Tatum, who headlined the first film, is never coming back. Maybe a Step Up movie was a bridge too far when it comes to paying a 3-D premium. (I can certainly imagine why.) In any case, the movie more or less wussed out to the tune of a $15.5 million weekend, falling behind both of its predecessors. Maybe adding "3-D" to the title isn't the solution to every franchise's problem after all.