DC Comics are bringing back the bright yellow oval around Batman's symbol, when Bruce Wayne returns as Batman this Fall (he's been 100% dead, like all worthwhile comic book heroes get every now and then). For the past couple of years, Batman has appeared in the comics with a large black bat on his chest, much like his earliest appearances, sans the yellow oval that offsets the bat and makes it stand out. Fans often wondered why Batman, a defender of the night, would wear yellow, but Frank Miller explained it all in The Dark Knight Returns. It's the most heavily armored part of his wardrobe, and, because of the color, an easy target for hoodlums.

My question is, did anyone notice it was gone? Most Batman licensed merchandise depicts the caped crusader with his classic look -- blue cowl and cape, gray bodysuit, with a yellow belt and oval. Were we given time to really miss the yellow oval, considering it never completely went away in the first place?

(via Newsarama)
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