Wheel Inn restaurant

Dinosaur at Wheel Inn CabazonNo matter which scene from 'Pee-wee's Big Adventure' is your fave -- Pee-wee's morning routine? His initial run-in with that weasel Francis? His "loner/rebel" brush off of Dottie? His stop at the Alamo? The 'Tequila' bar-top dance? -- all fans of the Tim Burton-directed Pee-wee Herman gem can agree on one thing: As we celebrate the movie's 25th anniversary this week, it holds up as being every bit as whimsical, delightful and laugh-out-loud funny as it was when it was in theaters in 1985.

If we had to pick our favorite scene from the classic pop culture romp, then everything that happens from the time Pee-wee climbs into Large Marge's truck to the time he lams it from the angry, bone-carrying Andy -- which includes his time at the Wheel Inn restaurant, hanging with waitress Simone and those cool, giant-sized dinosaurs -- would top the list.
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