I love the Back to the Future films, but my love of them isn't quite as obsessive as that of guys like graphic designer Sean Mort. Mort decided that it would be really cool to make an informative timeline chronicling all the events in the trilogy and how they fit together. He's released the fruit of his labor and believe me, it's the kind of crazy movie geekery we love here at Cinematical.

The impressive chart takes the timelines of all three films and compresses them to the point where you can easily follow the different streams of events and see how they all fit together. I imagine the hardcore Back to the Future fan probably already knows how these things correlate from all of the repeated viewings, but for the more casual viewer, this is like the CliffsNotes guide to help you visually conceptualize everything that's going on. Plus, let's be honest -- it's just awesome that someone took the time to do this in the first place. Check out the timeline large and in charge over here.

What do you think -- cool or corny? Exercise your democratic powers in the comments section below.

[via BuzzFeed]
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