As you should well know by now, we here at Horror Squad are big supporters of independent horror. Later on in the week we'll be chatting with indie filmmaker Graham Reznick about what it's like trying to make 3D films outside of the Hollywood system, but before that goes live we wanted to put a special screening of Reznick's feature film I Can See You and his 3D short The Viewer (which is the basis for The Teleport, a feature film version being developed at Glass Eye Pix) that will be taking place at the Downtown Independent Theater in LA this Friday, August 13th.

Reznick may not yet be an instantly recognizable name on the directorial front, but he's a regular member of the Glass Eye team and long time Ti West collaborator. So while you've probably heard more of him than you've seen (he did the sound design for The House of the Devil, which is phenomenal stuff), I'm guessing it won't be too long before more and more people start taking note of his name on projects.

So again, if you're in LA, free up your Friday night so you can check out both of Reznick's films as well as participate in a post-screening Q&A. As for what I Can See You is about, here's the official synopsis:
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