Katie Holmes got her chance for a cinematic takeover in November of last year when she replaced Liv Tyler in The Romantics, Galt Niederhoffer's film about friends who reunite after six years for a wedding. Zipping right through to release, the film will hit theaters on September 10, so now we've got a romance-filled trailer to dig through. Or, to be more apt, a trailer rife with secretive meetings, stolen glances, and dramatic turmoil.

The film sees Anna Paquin and Josh Duhamel getting married, which reunites "The Romantics," her group of college friends who all dated each other while in school. Though that dysfunction junction should be all in the past, there's unfinished business between Duhamel's groom and maid of honor Holmes, who dated for years long ago. While the bride "prepares" for her big day, her girl friends and pretty much everyone else decide to party, which leads to some awkward and potentially marriage-threatening interludes.