Far too often, and with good reason, many of us view the movie business in a cynical way. Films are arguably more often product than art these days, and everyone has their eye on the bottom line. Stars and directors are paid exorbitant sums of money for their work and no one bats an eye when a production budget of $150 million dollars is announced. However, not every movie is solely concerned with being profitable. Some of them, like Waiting for Superman, are more concerned with raising awareness and helping make a difference (even if it's only a small one) in the community at large.

Davis Guggenheim's documentary chronicles the public education crisis here in America through a "series of interlocking stories." That's admirable enough, but Paramount, along with Participant and Walden Media, have taken things a step further -- they not only want to open a dialogue to discuss these issues, but also do something about it. To help reach that goal, they've started a "Pledge Progress Meter" campaign. Essentially, people "pledge" to see Waiting for Superman when it hits theaters this fall. When certain numbers are met, corporate donors will make a contribution to aid public schools. The first goal has been reached -- 30,000 people have signed up -- and DonorsChoose.org will now give each of them a $5 gift code that allows the recipient to spend the money to purchase any items a public school teacher lists on the DonorsChoose.org website.

At 40,000 OfficeMax will donate school supplies. At 50,000 FirstBook will donate 250,000 books to schools across the country.

If you want in on this philanthropic action, head to the film's official site and take the pledge. It's for a good cause and will help kids in need. Twitter and Facebook pages provide a place to chat with others involved and finally, be sure to catch Waiting for Superman (which early reviews indicate is a good documentary) when it opens nationwide this October.
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