Emma Thompson has been all over the news lately. At the beginning of the month, she launched a website for an upcoming coffee table book called My Safe Place, which features strong women talking about their safe places. Now, as she accepts a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, she's got the internet buzzing over her distaste of Audrey Hepburn and My Fair Lady.

Personally, I don't mind. To each their own, and Thompson has certainly proven her acting chops, so this isn't like J-Lo chastising Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, Madonna, and Cameron Diaz in a talk with Movieline all those years ago. Thinking about her acting chops, and her plan to take a sabbatical next year, I couldn't help but think of Thompson's cinematic roles, and inevitably, my favorite.

It's a little film called Stranger Than Fiction, and in honor of her star being added to the Walk, I thought we could gush over her writerly stint as Karen Eiffel.