We are a month away from the Toronto Film Festival when awards talk will really get started. Many of this year's Oscar hopefuls are starting to enter the race with placement into festivals and speculation is going to get rampant once we get out of this pathetic summer excuse for a movie season. Every week from here on in this column will take a look at a different aspect of this year's marathon from the categories and statistics as new movies come in, some go, and the rankings change based on everything that influences the charge towards the cinema prognosticator's Super Bowl.

This week we'll kick things off in grand fashion by looking at the potential for Best Picture. Through the first seven months of 2010, there are reasonably only six films that figure to get any sort of traction into the Fall season. Leading the way for a nomination at the moment is clearly Christopher Nolan's Inception. Our greatest hopes were confirmed upon arrival, and audiences have just taken it to a third straight week at the top of the box office on its way to being the highest grossing "original" film of the year. How far you want to put the speculation in voters nominating it as payback for snubbing The Dark Knight is your argument since the suggestion of it backhandedly implies that Inception couldn't stand on its own in a field of five nominees, let alone the newest trend of ten. We'll get to the final five months soon enough, but even conservatively it is hard to imagine Inception being knocked off the list.