NemesisMark Millar has this wonderful way of taking the popular tropes of super hero comics and turning them on their ear. He did so in 'Wanted' and 'Kick Ass' and continues to do so with creator-owned works such as 'Nemesis.' Now, like the former, 'Nemesis' will be getting the big-screen treatment with Tony Scott at the helm, who has directed such movies as 'Top Gun' and 'Enemy of the State.'

'Nemesis' is actually the story of a super-villain (or at least someone who wears a crazy costume and kills a lot of people). DC Comics has a character with a similar name and the two should not be confused with each other.

In a sense, it's the opposite of 'Kick Ass' and asks what if supervillains existed in the real world rather than superheroes. In Millar's world, the superheroes have a much tougher time of things rather than in the standard Marvel or DC comics.

Millar's comics usually have over-the-top action, so Tony Scott is likely a good choice for directing a movie adaptation.
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