Welcome to Captain's Log -- your round-up of sci-fi randomness from around the web. Here's what's happening:

io9 looks into the things Max Headroom got right about the future.

If you always wondered what a noir version of Spidey would look like, or a manga version, or a Spider-Man that looks like a ballermana, SuperHeroHype shares the unlockable looks coming our way in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

Want to make your own Evil Dead of blood and otherworldly mayhem? Geekologie shares the official recipe, taken from Bruce Campbell's If Chins Could Kill.

Doctor Who villain Meglos -- a shape-changing cactus of all things -- almost made a return in "The Lodge," according to Blastr.

The Awesomer presents: Darth Homer.

Galactic arms aren't safe out in space. The Coma Cluster gets ripped apart by neighboring galaxies. [io9]

Finally, Popular Science proves that any Rubik's Cube position can be solved in 20 moves.
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