Megan Fox in 'Jennifer's Body,' Jennifer Lopez, Gabourey Sidibe

This week's release of Death at a Funeral on DVD and Blu-ray, a quick remake featuring African-American characters instead of British caricatures, and the upcoming theatrical release of Let Me In, an English-language remake of the terrific and very recent Swedish film Let the Right One In, are blunt reminders that it's never too soon to remake a movie, as long as you change the ethnicity and/or language of the original.

Rather than complain (again) about such remakes, I thought it might be helpful to suggest more movies that are ripe for remaking with the twist of racial reinvention. Remember, the idea is not to pick movies based on quality (or lack thereof), but on marketable concepts and under-performing box office (so no suggestions that Avatar should be remade with alien military forces taking over a Wall Street brokerage house where only Caucasians work). Additional points of honor for keeping the title but shortening it, a la Let Me In. Full disclosure: no prizes will be awarded and no wagering, please. Let's begin with my seven top picks.

1. Jennifer's Body
Scripted by Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama, this feminist drama masquerading as a horror film did not live up to box office expectations. Much of the criticism was leveled at Megan Fox who, it must be acknowledged, did her best. So why not let everyone's fantasies go wild with a quick remake starring Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer's Mother's Body?) and/or Gabourey Sidibe (from Precious; no questions about her acting ability, and the body image / reliance on men issues would come to the forefront). The possibilities are endless.
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