Danielle Harris' quest to become the biggest scream queen in modern horror continues today with news that that actress will be appearing in the new chiller Shiver.

Harris took to her twitter account to break the news recently, stating "So excited to tackle the most challenging role yet, Gonna star in Shiver; opposite John Jarratt and Luke Goss... Haven't been this terrified reading in a LONG TIME. I'm so ready for this."

The actress, who's best known for her work in the Halloweenfilms (parts 4 and 5 in the original series and both installments of Rob Zombie's remakes) as well as appearing in Hatchet 2 -- Adam Green's sequel to his cult slasher hit, will join Jarratt (the bad guy from Greg McLean's Wolf Creek) and Goss (who appeared in the second Blade film). The movie will be based on a 1992 novel by Brian Harper with the same name.

In the book, Los Angeles homicide detective Sebastian Delgado has to track down a serial killer who keeps his victims' heads as trophies. Sounds interesting enough.
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