Writing about two POV-style films in one week is fine, but let's cap it here. A few days ago we told you about that Twister-like shaky cam film and now we've got a superhero movie giving the technique a go. As reported by THR, John Landis' son, Max, is in negotiations to hand over his spec script, Chronicle, to Twentieth Century Fox. The project will have a duo of second generation filmmakers on board because the director, Josh Trank, it the son of Oscar-winning producing Richard Trank.

The piece is about three teens from Portland who head out into the woods and come in contact with a strange substance after which they develop superhuman abilities. They mess around and get used to their new powers together for a while, but then end up turning on each other when personal and family issues get in the way.

This is somewhat different. It sounds a lot like that new show on ABC, No Ordinary Family. A family of four's plane goes down in the Amazon and then they develop superpowers. Regardless, moviegoers have an appetite for this kind of stuff and this one sounds different enough to be worth making. Landis and Trank are relatively new to the industry, but have enough experience to ensure that they know what they're doing. Besides appearing in two of his father's films as a kid, Max penned two shorts, Dupeand Tumbler. Based on the trailers (watch after the jump), Dupe looks like your typical capture and torture piece, but Tumbler is something I'd actually like to see more of. It's a sci-fi flick about a space mission gone wrong consisting of interviews with the surviving crewmembers.
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