From infected words to messy love triangles, the movie clubs have a lot for you to dig through:

Let's start with one of my favorite films in years, let alone ever, Pontypool. Brad McHargue decided to tackle it for Horror Squad and writes: "Pontypool is filled to the brim with rapid fire and sharp dialogue, with each of the three main characters playing off of each other perfectly. ... For a genre where dialogue is secondary to camera tricks, blood, and tits, Pontypool manages to take convention and turn it on its head, making dialogue the driving force behind the film."

Meanwhile, Peter Hall headed over to SciFi Squad to dig into some old-school Stallone just in time for this week's release of The Expendables. The film in question is Demolition Man, and Hall writes: "Endless late night plays on basic cable and other less-than-focused (read: drunken) watchings had given me the idea that Marco Brambilla's 1990 sci-fi actioner was a 'so bad it's good' kind of movie. Having now actually given the film my undivided attention, I've completely reversed my opinion on it. There's nothing bad about Demolition Man; it's a legitimately good flick."

Finally, in an entirely different vein, I went for the French New Wave classic Jules and Jim. "Jules and Jim suggests that the passions and progressive ideas of the '60s might have been alive 40 or 50 years earlier. It's a reminder, even now, that ideas we hold today were present years ago -- just on a smaller or more hidden scale."

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