I have survived the Cinemapocalypse twice now. The first time was roughly one year ago. The Alamo Drafthouse had decided to turn the Austin premiere of Inglourious Basterds into a fifteen hour movie marathon. Quentin Tarantino had programmed the first three movies of the night himself and he kindly stuck around to introduce each of his picks, as well as do an on-stage Q&A with fellow Basterd Eli Roth. The entire night was full of surprises (hell, the walls of the Drafthouse exploded halfway through IB and massive Nazi banners unraveled just as the Basterds entered the Nazi-commandeered movie palace in the film) and great movies, which is why I knew I absolutely must be at any future Cinemapocalypse events.

Fast forward one year for a special Expendables branded Cinemapocalypse. The event this time around was a little shorter in length, a mere eight hours, but it still spanned the entire night and surviving patrons still looked as though they had just had their ass kicked in the best of ways by the time it was over. That's no surprise, of course, considering the lineup was Demolition Man, I Come in Peace, Die Hard, and then The Expendables.

However, as is to be expected whenever the Drafthouse gets involved with something, they didn't simply play each film back to back. Of course they had to do everything they could to make sure the audience was in the perfect mood for a night of old school action awesomeness.
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