Parker Posey is a sort of NYC indie institution; in fact, she was dubbed "Queen of the Indies" in 1997 by Time, which was no small feat for a then-28-year-old. Although she made an impression with smaller parts in movies like Dazed and Confused, her lead role as Mary in 1995's Party Girl was her breakthrough. One might even argue -- or daydream -- that her role as Mary, a downtown girl who has a giant loft, an excellent wardrobe, and connections to anyone who's who in town -- could be confused with Posey herself. In any case, it's the first movie Posey carries on her own shoulders, and it's an adorable little movie and captures a corner of New York that I never got a chance to know and that's long gone by now.

Since then, Posey has become the poster girl for type of It Girl -- the kind who shows up at the trendiest parties, whose every fashion move is scrutinized by bloggers or whose love of ashtanga yoga is written about in People.

But Posey's more than a party fixture, and she has the extensive body of work to prove it. She's often cast as the "quirky" girl, but her roles in the Christopher Guest ensemble movies like Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show show off her theatrical sensibility, as well as her comic timing. (Her freakout about her spoiled Weimeraner's lost toy is hilarious. Watch it here.) And while she's also great in the Hal Hartley film Henry Fool, she's not the star. (The less said about its sequel, which she does star in, Fay Grim, the better.)

When I had to choose which of her roles so far was my favorite, it was a toss-up between House of Yes and Broken English.
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