Do you get to the movie theater extra early in order to enjoy preshow entertainment like National CineMedia's "The 2wenty"? You know, before the ads that are before the trailers that are before the film you get a low-volume, low-quality presentation of commercials and promotional materials, all of it beginning twenty minutes prior to the showtime. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at an upcoming movie or TV show, but most of the programming is ignorable as you instead talk to your moviegoing companion(s) and become too distracted by the people around you to pay attention to what's on screen. Then, right before the showtime, when the real attention-grabbing ads are about to begin, there's usually a recap of what you saw during this preshow -- really it's geared to the latecomers to show them what they missed by not coming super early.

CollegeHumor has made a parody of those recaps, but instead of spoofing the actual content of preshow programming they direct the summary on what has occurred in the auditorium for those twenty minutes. As in what kinds of annoying and distracting people have walked in or done something notably offensive before the movie began. And it's spot on. I'm kinda embarrassed to say I see myself in a few of these -- I've definitely been the fatty who finishes his popcorn before the lights even go down, and I've obviously been the nerd talking about his blog -- but even if you don't relate with the archetypes you'll recognize a number of the situations. And by the time the narrator reminds us that we don't even know why we go to the movies anymore, you'll likely be thinking twice about heading to the theater this weekend.

See the so-perfect-it's-almost-not-funny video after the jump.