One of the horror films I've really been looking forward to seeing is Sean Byrne's The Loved Ones. The flick won the Midnight Madness award at last year's Toronto International Film Festival and everyone who's had a chance to see it has raved about how great it is. The title is slated for a theatrical release in late October, but to keep the film fresh in everyone's mind there's a new teaser clip out to go with the previously released trailer.

Starring Xavier Samuel and Robin McLeavy, The Loved Ones focuses on a lovelorn girl named Lola who falls hard for Brent. Only problem is, Brent has a girlfriend and isn't interested in Lola. She asks him to the dance anyway, and when Brent refuses, she snaps. Faster than you can say "torture porn", her father has kidnapped Brent and they have their own little prom at Lola's home. The question is, will Brent survive the night and make it to graduation?

The new clip blends footage from the film (which looks great) with countless review blurbs from a multitude of horror movie sites. The movie will be making its UK debut as part of Film4's Frightfest, then play domestically starting on October 28th.

Jump past the break to watch the new clip.
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