Love Pixar's Upenough to center your nuptials around it? In an effort to tie all my life into discussion posts (remember when a new pet purchase spawned another?), here's a prompt inspired by my recent wedding engagement. While I highly doubt my fiancee and I will actually have a movie-themed wedding -- the closest thing being a likely popcorn machine on the premises -- I am curious if any Cinematical readers had or would have a ceremony based around either Hollywood, movies in general or a specific film title or genre.

I've heard of geeks doing Star Wars theme and other cosplay-centric weddings. And we've seen some clever movie-themedengagements (you'd likely be disappointed in my lack of anything cinematic in the way I proposed, unless you link my nervous mumbling to mumblecore or something). When I asked for possible suggestions in the event I did go through with something like this, my Twitter followers could mostly just make jokes involving The Graduate.
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