If your Star Wars tattoos and collection of action figures doesn't prove you love George Lucas' iconic sci-fi series more than anything in the world, you can demonstrate your fanboyism in other ways -- like by wearing this cool new Wookiee jacket and Jabba the Hutt Sneakers.

Wannabe Wookiees from here to Kashyyyk will be sporting this brown winter jacket from Adidas. Featuring fur-lined hood, sleeves and waist (no Wookiees were harmed in the making of this coat ... ), this stylish jacket will keep you warm on those cold winter nights on Hoth. Branded with the word "Wookiee" -- which will undoubtedly help you pick up the opposite sex -- and the Star Wars logo, this is sure to let everyone you meet know you're way into Chewie. Does that make you a furry lover? I'm not sure, but it might. The only real downer here? You don't get a cool over-the-shoulder utility belt (probably better for the sake of your sex life ... ).
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