I Heart Huckabees' director David O. Russell really just can't catch a break. Or more accurately, his reputation, his current actions on-set and some things that he (gasp) can't control have conspired against him so that he can't catch a break. He's gone from being attached to one dead-in-the-water project stuck in post-production to another that's been in pre-production for months. Production on Russell's latest film Nailed has notoriously shut down four times now and has left some of its crew members, actors James Caan included, feeling alienated.

Russell officially quit Nailed in July. At the time, the Hollywood Reporter announced that producers Douc Wick and Lucy Fisher "were being to cut their fees in half," presumably by financier Ronald Tutor, who owns the rights to Nailed.

It's officially been in post-production for months now. It's a political spoof that deals with healthcare and based on Russell's last film and the production woes, it's impossible to know what kind of tone the film will take now that Russell has out-and-out disowned it and a second director is coming in to pinch-hit.

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