The good news is we only have three more weeks until the summer movie season is over. This dreadful, dismal summer movie season. The bad news is that we are going to be reliving it from September until the end of the year with the DVD market all over again. An official announcement for Toy Story 3 is still pending while some stores are telling customers to save the date on November 2 to pick up their copy. You will have to make it through October to get to it though.

Sony's remake of The Karate Kid is currently the 9th highest grossing film of the year. It's $173 million is about on par with the original's gross (figuring for inflation) although its charm, humor and general likability was left back in 1984. On Oct. 5 though you can decide whether the right person is being punched in the face when Jaden Smith is in the ring. No Mr. Miyagi to guide him here, just Jackie Chan's handyman, Mr. Han, easily the only thing watchable for those with a fondness for the original. And yet it is still the best of this week's new theatrical announcements.
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