If you're a friend of mine and I have not, at some point, sat you down and forced you to watch Altered, then I have failed you as a friend. If I have, then you probably think I'm a pretty annoying friend who won't shut up until you finally watch all of the movies I love that no one else seems to. And oh how I love Eduardo Sanchez's reverse alien abduction flick. It's my favorite straight-to-video horror film of the '00s (The Burrowers may be a close second).

So obviously I'm excited that Sanchez has lined up his next directorial gig, The Possession. The story doesn't sound particularly unique off the bat, but I'm hoping that he and co-screenwriter Jamie Nash (who also wrote Altered) will put a fresh spin on the proceedings. From Variety: " [The Possession] explores the thin line between demonic possession and psychosis, starts off as a simple horror film about things that go bump in the night but slowly turns into a thriller about the evil power that exists inside one troubled young woman."

Yes, I'm sure any horror fan can rattle off a number of films that fit a similar plot description, but between Altered and The Blair Witch Project (I, for unknown reasons, still haven't seen Seventh Moon), Sanchez' Haxan Films has earned enough good credit with me to stay excited in spite of the familiar premise.
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