OutcastsSome images have been made available online for the new BBC science fiction program called 'Outcasts.' The premise is about a group of space travelers from the year 2040 who lose contact with Earth and have to land on other strange, new worlds to support themselves. It was created by Ben Richards, a writer on the BBC series 'MI-5' and stars Jamie Bamber of 'Battlestar Galactica' fame.

The premise sounds a lot like that of the short-lived series 'Earth 2.' Does anyone even remember that series? On the other hand, the British series 'Survivors' (created by Daleks creator Terry Nation) was a lot like 'The Stand' by Stephen King. There are so few original premises left in science fiction anymore.

The show is headed to BBC America in December. Then we Americans can all judge whether or not the premise is an original take on the idea or a total rip-off. My guess is the former.
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