Esquire Magazine caught up with actor James Franco recently and as always, the slightly left of center performer managed to work in a surprise or two during the course of the conversation.

The actor chatted with Tom Chiarella, and while the discussion covered a bit of everything -- including Franco's role in this week's new release Eat Pray Love, the real bombshell was revealed when he showed up to the interview carrying a book -- Twilight -- and stated that he's reading it for a "project." Said project is a planned children's book he'd like to write at some point in the future -- presumably one about vampires and romance.

Speaking about Twilight, Franco says, "It's crazy how much sexual tension there is. It just builds and builds. I mean it never stops. It's sort of explosive by the end. Crazy. Like they'll blow up with it. And of course, they don't. Which is the point too, I guess."
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