The latest Julia Roberts chick flick, 'Eat, Pray, Love,' opens on Friday. It's her second female-focused film of the year, following a seven-year Julia chick flick drought. (Her last real date movie was 2003's 'Mona Lisa Smile.') This year's 'Valentine's Day' did OK, but it was an ensemble cast – Ms. Roberts wasn't carrying it. Which begs the question – does Julia still "have it" when it comes to getting women to flock together in gaggles to see her latest movies?

She's undeniably a huge star, but she's certainly not the same lovable girl-next-door she was when she entered the Hollywood scene. She has a brash, arrogant edge that just might rub people the wrong way. Some may say that losing the nice-girl vibe is a product of time and age, but Sandra Bullock has managed to retain that sweet "it" quality after all these years. It's almost as though motherhood has hardened Julia. Instead of making us laugh at a hooker with a heart of gold, she's screaming at paparazzi and being obnoxious on Letterman.
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