In the interest of full disclosure, not only do I know some of the men and women who are making Model Home, but my lovely wife is actually a lovely, bloody dead body in the trailer (she's the one in the kitchen). However, even if I didn't know anyone involved with this proof-of-concept trailer for Chris Todd's film, I do think it would have me more than a little intrigued. It's got a very great sharp look to it and a pretty damned effective use of music.

Don't take my (biased) word for it, though. Check it out for yourself below.

"Gwen and Elan Carter can't seem to catch a break. Recovering from the tragedy of a recent miscarriage and struggling in a failing economy, They are forced to downsize and move to an isolated town where Elan, gets a job offer. Their light at the end of the tunnel appears in the form of a fixer upper with an affordable mortgage. The Carters move in, seeing the home as the start of a new life for themselves. They find a friend in their real estate agent Jake Darcy, who also happens to live next door in the model home. Unbeknown to the Carters, Jake is not the friendly neighbor he appears to be. By day he's a mild mannered real estate agent, by night he is the town's elusive serial killer. He has ensnared the Carters in a dangerous, all too familiar game, one that ultimately leads to death. Through his web of deception and eventual onslaught of terror, The Carter's are forced to confront their painful past in order to survive."
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