Whether you consider JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater a working class hero for standing up to some very unruly passengers or you think he should be carted off to jail for his reckless actions, one thing is clear: We've all wanted to walk off the job in a spectacularly dramatic fashion at one time or another. (Then there's "Jenny the dry-erase board girl," who seemed to delight in telling her boss where to take his FarmVille, but turned out to be a fake.)

Who hasn't wanted to tell off a cruel boss, get back at a jerk of a coworker or tell those ungrateful customers just where they can shove it?

To help us cope with the unpleasant reality that most of us can't just walk out on our lousy jobs, here are some of the most memorable ways the movies have given us of saying, "I quit!"
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