Update: 24 Framesbring us new info on this developing story today. Director Rob Schwentke is now being considered for the project. Schwentke, who directed Flight Plan and comic adaptation Red, is once again in the running to helm the film. He was originally considered alongside McG, but didn't get the gig -- but now that McG is apparently out, the German filmmaker is back in the mix. We'll keep you posted as more developments come to light in the R.I.P.D. saga.

I think Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds are having some sort of unofficial race to see which of the two can add the most comic book characters to their resume. Things were knotted up at two apiece (Evans had The Human Torch and Captain America. Reynolds had Deadpool and The Green Lantern), but now Reynolds is poised to pull ahead by taking a lead role in the adaptation of the Dark Horse comic R.I.P.D..

Universal has the rights to the comic -- which centers on two dead cops patrolling the afterlife -- and has been trying to get the project off the ground for some time. It appeared as though Terminator: Salvation director McG was set to direct, but things are once again up in the air. Honestly, that could be for the best.

McG might have to step aside to make one of his dream projects, a romantic comedy entitled This Means War according to the LA Times' 24 Framesblog. This puts the producers back at square one for finding a helmer or delays shooting until sometime next summer. With comic films still hot at the box office, Universal seems reluctant to wait. Complicating things even further is Reynolds' packed schedule. The actor is set to film the buddy comedy Change-Up and could move on to Deadpool with Robert Rodriguez soon after. Plus, he's got promotional duties for Green Lantern in the spring. Maybe waiting until summer of next year for McG would be the way to go after all...

What do you think? I've never read R.I.P.D., so if you have any thoughts on it as a feature film, please share them below.

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