Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Edgar Wright's (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead,Spaced) adaptation of Bryan O'Malley's six-volume comic-book series, opens this weekend, but if, after seeing the trailer (or trailers), you've wondered how much of Wright's adaptation owes to O'Malley's series, a clever YouTube user, theMrblonde2010 (18-year-old California native Max Ketchum), is one step ahead of you (and me).

Here's what he had to say:
This is a recreation of the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Theatrical Trailer. I used images from the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel and matched the trailer as best I could. Also you may see things here that differ from the trailer and that is because there are things in the movie that arent in the graphic novel and vice versa. I do not own any of the video, audio or images, Universal and the creator Bryan Lee O'Malley do.

[After the break, the graphic-novel trailer in all its hipster-cool, black-and-white glory.]