Ah, the 80's -- what a bizarre decade that was. I admit to having a special fondness for that time, but even nostalgia isn't blinding enough to ignore some of the decade's more dubious moments and trends. Bo Jackson proved he knew both baseball and football, but he was hardly the first guy who wanted to be a "double threat." Actors Eddie Murphy and Bruce Willis traversed this ground earlier, when both tried to make the jump from acting to music. In Murphy's case, this was a disaster, but Willis was at least sort of tolerable.

In 1987, while Moonlighting was still big and before Die Hard hit, Willis released The Return of Brunoon Motown. An "eclectic gathering of R&B music sung by Willis." The album was filled with covers (only one song was an original) that highlighted Willis' "white boy soul" stylings. Things looked good forBruno, when Willis' cover of The Staple Singers' Respect Yourself peaked at #5 on the charts. Follow up singles, Young Blood and Under the Boardwalk, didn't fare nearly as well. Undeterred, Willis did release a second album in 1989 and a classicBruce Willis album in 2001.

The actor shot a video for Respect Yourself, which features Willis once again tending bar and breaking out into an impromptu song and dance number after his boss tells him the place is dead and to lock up before he leaves. It's pretty kitschy -- right down to the appearance of one of The Pointer Sisters.

In the gallery of iconic Bruce Willis characters, let's just say Bruno is no John McClane. But, if you forgot what the actor looked like when he had hair, hit the jump and check out the video.