Sylvester Stallone in 'Demolition Man' and 'Judge Dredd'

In honor of Friday's release of Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables, featuring a raft of action heroes, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of the most notable science fiction films in which the cast members have appeared.

Since The Expendables is more about the joy of the action and the bluster of the machismo on display, I have given no regard to perceived quality (or lack thereof) in ranking these films. Instead, I'm thinking more about the fun and excitement of seeing men kicking ass and blowing s*** up. And I've tried to include a film for each of the cast members, though the choices do get hard. We begin, however, with a double dose for Sir Stallone (since he directed and co-wrote, in addition to playing the starring role).

1. Demolition Man
This is not, I'm afraid, a good movie, despite all the explosions and wisecracks and wacky production design and the presence of the adorable and eternally cute Sandra Bullock. The action sequences are poorly staged and there's far too much attention paid to Wesley Snipes as Simon Phoenix, who gets old fast. (Yes, you want him to die -- quickly, so he'll stop hogging the story.) Stallone, however, manages the trick of representing the viewer in the movie, without resorting to staring at the camera. He gives a bravura performance as an exasperated man out of time who just wants to bust the bad guy. And when it all comes together in a few scenes, it's magic.
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