I'll never forget the first short film I saw in a theater. Well, it was one part of a group for the Worldwide Short Film Festival, but it's the only one that remains in my memory: the German faux safety film, Forklift Driver Klaus: The First Day on the Job.

The premise was quite simple. Klaus just earned his license to operate forklifts and heads out for his first day of work. But Klaus doesn't have the cojones to ignore his corner-cutting coworkers and keeps breaking the rules, which leads to the worst carnage imaginable. I won't give away the twists in the short, but it would be like someone running past one of those Caution: Slippery Floor signs, sliding through a glass window, losing an arm to a man cutting down a tree with a hatchet, and then run over by a bus.

The wickedly gory and fun film won a number of awards that include the Jury Prize for Best Short Film at Fantastia Fest in 2003. It's zipped through the festival circuit for years (it played at Fantastic Fest in 2005), and according to Wikipedia, it even gets shown to forklift drivers "to lighten up the mood." Check it out after the jump, and beware: There's no nudity or coarse language, but there's a whole lot of goofy gore.