Maniac Cop
, Directed by William Lustig, 1988

New York supercop Matt Cordell is ruffling more than his share of feathers on the force. Sure he puts away the bad guys, but he tends to do so without regard to due process or miranda rights. To quell the torrent of lawsuits and public backlash against the vigilante with a badge, the powers that be frame Cordell for murder and arrange to have him killed in prison. Sounds pretty open-and-shut right? That's what everyone thought until Cordell returned from the grave and began slaughtering the citizenry of New York; guilty and innocent alike. Now it's up to a rogue detective and a beat cop also framed for murder to put Matt back in that pine box before he protects and severs another civilian.

I can't adequately communicate my love for Maniac Cop. It is awash in late 80's cheese with the added illegal steroid that is a Larry Cohen script. The kills are candy-coated carnage that never fail to entertain this degenerate horrorphile and the music is tinny and cliche in the best possible ways. Not only that, but the cast list reads like the sampler platter at the Cult Hero Cafe. Bruce Campbell, Tom Atkins, Richard Roundtree, Robert Z'Dar, and William Smith all make their awesomeness felt in this hodge podge of camp. The plot is pretty bare-bones, but it is nevertheless charming in its own right. I like this film so much that I actually sat through the sequels and didn't completely hate them. Sterling praise, I know.
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