The TerminatorIt looks like someone is trying to milk a little more money from the franchise that started James Cameron's career. First, it was up for bid and then Joss Whedon tried to buy the rights. Now, it looks like a company called Hannover House wants to do a 3D computer-animated version called 'Terminator 3000.'

That laughter you hear in the background is James Cameron at this concept. To say the least, doubts about the feasibility of this come to mind. Where else can the franchise go? After four movies and two seasons on television, are there really stories left to tell? Shouldn't we be done fighting the machines now? Will the new series take place after the war where the machines won and the events of the first four movies are kind of moot?

But before any judgement (oh look, a pun) is given, let's see if this idea even gets out of the press release phase.
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