Writing about Stir Crazy, and the comedic genius that was Gene Wilder alongside Richard Pryor, makes me, literally, stir crazy. I get fidgety and continually write and delete lines. Bursts of excitement meet brick, hyperbole-breaking walls. It's like being pumped full of caffeine and sugar, then thrown inside a little padded cell. It is, quite simply, difficult to appropriately intermingle discussion of the talent that is Wilder and Pryor, and the ways in which they are shackled by their cinematic fare.

I adore Wilder and Pryor together. In fact, to me they are the best comedic duo Hollywood has ever produced. Even a mere still of the duo sends me into gleeful memories. Stir Crazyshould have been great. It featured the stars of Silver Streak, and had them hitting the road for what seemed like prime comedic fare. It was Sidney Poitier's second stab at a comedic duo, after he directed himself alongside Bill Cosby in Uptown Saturday Night (which Pryor was also involved with), Let's Do It Again, and A Piece of Action.

But great potential didn't lead to a great final product.
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