Here at Cinematical we're always on the look out for new talent. Sure, we give you the big stuff, the blockbusters and the A-listers, but what good would this large platform be if we didn't also introduce you to some really fantastic up-and-coming talent for you to put on your radar and circle that sucker with a big, fat red marker? Two people you need to start paying attention to are Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones, the latter of which has already been steadily climbing up the acting charts with roles in State of Play, Salt, and The Other Guys.

If the names already sound slightly familiar it's because Wein and Lister-Jones are a couple in real life, not to mention the fact that they made a movie together based on their real-life relationship called Breaking Upwards (it came out earlier this year). Now Deadline reports that Fox Searchlight (who pride themselves on discovering new talent before introducing them to a wider audience) has picked up the comedy pitch Motherf**ker from Wein and Lister-Jones (yup, they're also a writing team), with Wein set to direct and co-write the script alongside Lister-Jones. The two also have another script called Lola Versus that may go to Searchlight and star Anne Hathaway, but the ink isn't dry on that deal yet.

Speaking to Cinematical for the first time about the deal, Wein said, "We couldn't be more excited. Fox Searchlight has always been a company we have dreamed of working with in any capacity. They put out some of the best movies, and more importantly, know how to effectively distribute them." Motherf**ker follows the story of a guy who falls for a girl, and then falls for the girl's mother after she brings him home to meet her parents.

Check out a trailer for Breaking Upwards after the jump, and look for more from Wein and Lister-Jones in the very near future.

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