After Dark's Eight Films to Die For series sometimes struggles to find worthwhile indies, ones that don't just feel like mediocre straight-to-video fare, but every once in a while, they'll hit on a very special little movie -- a well-made, fun and scary treat for horror fans. Mulberry Street is definitely one of those movies.

It's a quasi-zombie tale, with infected were-rats as the growing threat, but Mulberry Street has the distinct flavor of an independent drama set in New York City -- a unique tone that really sets it apart from similar fright films. A veteran boxer anxiously awaits his daughter's return home from her tour of Iraq, while all manner of hell is breaking loose right in the middle of his inner-city apartment building. If you're looking for something exciting and effective, you could do a lot worse than director Jim Mickle's rat-ridden feature flick. I loved Mulberry Street, and I hope you do too.

You can watch Mulberry Street right now on Fearnet for free. What's better than free?
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